9 types of girls you’ll meet in university campus love stories

9 types of girls you’ll meet in university

The university campus is an interesting place. You get to meet and interact with different kinds of people. You have to be careful with the kinds of friends you mix up with as the have the ability to influence you either positively or negatively. On a university campus, you will meet different kinds of girls, the slay queens, the wife materials, the loners or even the church girl. This article looks at five different kinds of girls you are likely to meet at a university campus.


The church girl likes to live an holy live.  She lives her life according the bible. Apart from being in school to learn, she believes she is also there to win souls for Christ and will make sure she achieves it. She preaches and makes sure to invite all her friends to any upcoming church program. She doesn’t believe in using curse words and vulgar languages. She wants to be clean and holy as possible and thus does not move with bad friends who might influence her faith. She is either married to Jesus or married to her books when you ask about her love life. If you end up being her roommate, she is sure to wake you up at 5am every morning for devotional prayers.




These types of girls are pretenders.  They will do anything just to feel among themselves in school. They have two different lives, one at home and one at school. Their parents do not know their true selves. They change characters as soon as they step on campus soil. They might be less privileged at home, but as soon as they get to school, they try so hard to keep up with a lifestyle they can’t afford just so their friends won’t look down on them. They are usually loud and dramatic and loves to make a scene.


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She is always serious with her books. She doesn’t have time for dramas and seldom have time for boys. She takes pride in her grades and makes sure to read morning and night if possible so as not to drop academically. She attracts friends probably because of what they might learn from her or if they needed help with assignments. Shes admired by lecturers and friends.



 She’s treated like a princess at home and develops bad attitudes and takes that behavior to school. She’s normally given whatever she asks for and uses the most expensive kinds of stuff at school. She drives a Benz and mostly attracts friends who are leeches trying to use her for free rides. She’s probably not beautiful but has the worse of attitudes so you don’t wanna approach her.



This type of girl is addicted to social media. Her various social media handles are always updated. She lives by social media likes and will literally die if her pictures don’t get enough likes, She cares a lot about what people think about her. She survives by being popular so will do whatever it takes to keep the trend going, including befriending or dating whoever just to stay relevant.



The wife’s material is like a mother figure. She is a dedicated girlfriend. She has been with her boyfriend for a very long time as would act as a wife to him just to keep him. She takes his friends as hers because she believes they influence him. She is always at her boyfriend’s hostel or apartment just to cook and clean form him. She’s probably being cheated on by her boyfriend who takes her for granted. He’s probably also cheating on her, everyone knows it but her. She doesn’t go out because her boyfriend disapproves of it. She also suffers from low self-esteem and settles for less than she deserves.



The slay queen is a badass bitch.She’d often wear the latest designer clothes on campus, moves with the biggest guys, and probably date older men who cater to their needs. She is always being dropped off in different luxurious cars and often than does not sleep on campus. She always has full and heavy makeup on and has an intimidating appearance. She’s always dressed up for one occasion or the other mostly night parties. You definitely don’t want to mess with her.



She always skips classes almost half the semester. She’s kind of dumb and care less for her grades. She is probably in school because her parents forced her to. She;s quiet invincible and people don’t know if she really is part of the uni or not. But she still manages to get good grades.



She loves to mind her business, always lost in thoughts and feels no one cares about her, She walks alone and doesn’t care about making new friends.


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