An Important Message To All OAU Students campus love stories

  Solidarity greetings to all student leaders on Obafemi Awolowo University campus and our sincere greetings goes to all bonafide students of the campus community.

 We know how it is and actually feel your desire for resumption but at this point in time, we all need to calm our nerves and call on God to take control. Whether the pandemic is existing or not as per our different beliefs.

 Amidst this period, we advice all students to engage in activities of personal benefit. Despite everywhere being placed on lock-down, there are businesses and companies that are opened. Either work for payment or build your skills.

 Also, as a student of the great citadel of learning, never indulge in activities that, aside tarnishing your image and that of your immediate environment, the campus at large, won’t be proud to have you as one of her student.

 There has been funny but sad occurrences lately such as rape. Let’s do well to be careful and try our possible best, so that evil won’t befall us.

 The school authority won’t be happy, if one of her students is trending as a victim of an unfavourable event. For this reason, let stay safe by putting all measures, as being announced by the Federal Government into consideration to contain the ravaging pandemic.

We should also do well to check on our mates.

 May God bless us all.

Faculty Rep
Ephraim Jesuntomiwa(Lush) 
0816 304 5705

Asst. Faculty Rep
Ayeka Bright(Aremo) 
0814 478 0637

Faculty of Agriculture (Part 2)

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