Sir, as we all know that every sector in our dear country has been affected by the pandemic, which cut across our second most important sector after Agriculture, which is Education.

Ever since we’ve been sent home early this year, students and some organizations has been calling and pressurizing the federal government to re-open schools, comparing the educational sector with other sectors like commerce and industry(market) and others. I would implore you sir, the Honourable Minister not to bow to the irrelevant pressure and make use of the advice from the Academic Staff Union of Universities.

My advice sir, and also, the reason for writing this letter, is to give my opinion, and suggest a way forward as a concerned student and citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that the federal government, through your office should make our resumption next year, (probably March 20,2021). So as to make it a year vacation. During this period, no internal and external exam should take place (NECO and WAEC) and the JAMB exam which has held should be on pending till next year. In one word, all admission process should be on halt till resumption.

My reason for that suggestion is, if we eventually resume as I’ve proposed, we’ll all be resuming to our current level/class which will make it as if nothing had happened. Both internal and external exam will be done by this current set of students.

Our internal exam, NECO will take place after WAEC as usual and since JAMB exam as taken place, all jambites should be given the opportunity to defer their result till next year. Those who didn’t accept the deferment, probably in their jamb portal(because of low grade) will have to write another exam next year.

By following my suggestion above, it means this year admission process will be scrapped since next year process will be done by this year candidate. By so doing, everything as per education, will be back to normal. It’ll also reduce mass failure in both exams because the syllabus would have been completed when both exams starts next year.

Aside the points above, giving us a specific date of resumption will give students the chance to acquire either money or knowledge before the resumption date.

Additionally sir, I want you to understand that the educational sector is an organized sector with strategic plans unlike other sectors, which means, any unreasonable decision will have a negative effect which might destabilize the educational background of many citizens.

I believe with this points of mine, every students and I should be anticipating a better outcome of your upcoming meeting.


 Ayeka Bright, is a student of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.


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