[EPISODE FIVE] – Sextape Escapades

Vicky got to her hostel, that morning absent minded.

She couldn’t think straight. Different thoughts clouded her mind. She was still trying to digest what had just happened to her.

She was feeling all dirty and irritated at the thought of what Sam and his friend had done to her. She sat down on her bed, clasped her palms on her face and wept bitterly. She was ashamed of herself

“Why had she trusted him so much”
Her friends had warned her about him but she wouldn’t listen. Love blinded me, she thought as she wept even the more.

She couldn’t bring herself to telling her roommates what had happened to her. They’d play the blame game and make her feel worse of herself. She knew them too well.

Her roommates, Favour and Peace had both left for lectures that morning and Vicky was thankful that none of them was around to witness what state she was in. Favour and Peace were almost the opposite version of Vicky. They’d never miss a class or slept off campus moreso spend the night with a guy.
They often rebucked Vicky each time she went astray.
Vicky was just in her first year in the university.

She had vowed to explore her new found freedom she was unable to get at home under the watchful eyes of her parents. Then she met Sam, who seemed all nice and cozy to be with, she would never had thought things would turn out the way it did. Of course, she knew he was a bad boy, friends had warned her but she wouldn’t listen.

She got herself back together, the deed had been done.
“I cannot cry my eyes out forever ” she thought.
Everyone would blame her, she would become a mockery in school, of course, that was how most rape victims were often treated.
People would ask questions about events that led to the incident.
She hated how she smelled, his essense was all over her and she knew she had to wash it off immediately.
She rose up, having consoled herself and headed to take a bath.

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