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Vicky slowly opened her eyes,the drugs had worn off, she laid on the bed, still naked. She was trying to gain her consciousness when she realized she was naked and quickly grabbed the bed sheet to cover herself.

‘Oh God!’’ she exclaimed, ‘why am I naked and on his bed’’ , she thought out loud.She quickly got out of the bed and wore her clothes which were lying on the floor. She was now getting nervous, different thoughts began to engulf her mind.

‘’what could have happened’’

‘’Did Sam, have his way with me’’ She tried to recollect what happened, but the images were still blurry in her mind.It was already morning and the guys were seated in the other room waiting for her to wake up.Still remembering so much fun they had had the night before. campus love stories
Vicky I left dispaired on the bed


‘’Why hasn’t the drug worn off yet’’ Mike asked

‘’Relax guys, she will be up soon’’. Sam replied. When suddenly Vicky walked in on them from the bedroom. She was surprised to see all three guys together, laughing, despite the condition she found herself on the bed.

 ‘’Sam, what happened here?, what was I doing on your bed? How am I not able to remember what happened last night? What did u do to me?’’

She began asking a lot of questions, she needed answers.‘’I cant clearly remember what happened, but I know you took advantage of me’’ she began to scream as tears rolled down her eyes.‘’hush’’ Sam told her, don’t overreact, I simply took what u u failed to give to me after all these months of dating.‘Sit down’’ He told her in a commanding tone, let me show u a movie.

 The other guys giggled. Sam brought out his phone and played the sex scene for her to watch.She couldn’t hold back her tears as she watched what happened and how the guys took advantage of her.

Three guys, ‘’OH GOD’’ She began to blame herself for ever trusting him. She had left her hostel on campus just to come see him. She had trusted him and now this. She regretted ever knowing him as she watched the video.

 ‘’You are my worst mistake’’ She told him as she began to weep bitterly. 

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