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Varsity stories

[EPISODE ONE]: Sex-tape escapades


sextape escapades campus love stories

He drew closer to her and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She looked away trying to loose his eye contact.
“Dont tell me you are shy” he whispered.
“ermm ernmn, im not. Im not just used to u yet” she mumbled.
He drew more closer, this time holding her around her waist. “look into into my eyes” he said, pulling her face to face his. “I love you and I know u feel the same way too. What are we waiting for. Lets just do it and express our love to each other” he said with a convincing look.
A look Patience couldn’t resist and he always knew how to make her scum to his demands. She blushed once again moving her face from his and looking the other way.

“At least sit down whiles you are here ” he said . “can I get u anything to drink ?
Yes , just water.she replied feeling reluctant.
He smiled and she watched him disappear into another room .
That was the first time she has visited his room, although he had always insisted on having her over. His room looked organized, she was impressed. His books were neatly arranged on a mini table at one corner of the room. The Walls were painted to match the colours of his curtains which hung beautifully across the windows.
Sam is every girl’s dream guy especially on campus , at least that was what she thought.

Vicky’s thoughts were interrupted when Sam came into the room and offered her a drink. “Take it. and don’t complain. I know you asked for water but …….” before he could say any further , she collected the juice and drank it.
” I love it ” she said..

He took the cup from her before she could finish it and placed it on the table. Now lets do something fun , he Said as he sat down very close to her.
He kissed her deeply and she fell into a trance and kissed him back..
Slowly his hands caressed her soft body and went up her breasts.
This went on for minutes and he felt she was ready. His hands went underneath her blouse and she felt her bra loosen.
Her mind wanted him to stop but her body kept yearning for his caresses. Now, the kiss was getting intense and she was aroused, she had to stop herself and she knew it.

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