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My name is Dylan, I’m 5 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes and a 15 years old with crazy experiences.
My no where to be found dad actually abandoned my mum and I and absconded.
My mom took it upon herself to take good care of me and provide for all my needs,  which let to my being alone all the time and my meetings with crazy friends.My mom got a job in a remote town and the pay was mouth watering, we moved down there. She was enthusiastic but I was dejected I hated everything about the place, No girls, no internet connection.Everywhere was dark and eerily silent, mom was blind to all this. She managed to place a smile on my face by reminding me about the pay. The amount snapped away every negative thoughts about the place.
We brought our luggage in and finally fixed dinner. Things were actually going great, no school for now, endless movies and most especially freedom.I began to get bored and I could feel some red eyes watching me but I never saw them.One cool evening, I packed a couple of sandwiches and two cans of soda and a sharp machete (you never can tell) I set off and didn’t meet a single soul on the way.
I was angry for leaving home and decided to go back when I heard a sound, I half skipped and half ran towards the sound, I located the owner of the sensual voice and there she was like an angel of the night.
She was bathing in moonlight, her skin glowed and shimmered .
I felt a rise in my trousers and moved closer to her.
She smiled as soon as I touched her skin, her smile made my knees buckle and I knew I was being bewitched by an angel. She took my hands in hers and led me to a cool place. Still smiling, she did unimaginable things to my body.With great frenzy, I pulled off my clothes and kissed her.
Before I got lost in the waves of passion, I saw two red eyes.
… I saw two red eyes but I didn’t think it through, we had fun and I felt good.Suddenly, she grabbed my shoulders and slammed me down. I thought she wanted to rough till she uttered strange noises and changed into an horrible creature,  the moon went red.I screamed and tried to push her away but she held my left arm tight in her hand, there was no escape. My other arm started feeling the area for an object that could ensure my escape, I touched my machete and with a great slice, I brought her horrible hand down but it still didn’t let go of my hand.I ran into the night and found my way home. I wished mom could come back but she was on a night duty.I ran into my room and tried to remove her hand of mine, I gave up when it didn’t bulge.I dived under my bed and took out my Bible, it was covered with cobwebs and smelt of abandon.I dropped it to lock my door and suddenly she was on my bed bleeding from her cut.I turned to see if she came through the window but it was locked.She moved closer and her horrible breathe brought me back to reality.It was a dream, I looked around and I saw a strange arm on my hand and blood on my bed.
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