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Varsity stories

[EPISODE THREE] : sextape Escapade

EPISODE THREE campus love stories
”Get the camera, we don’t have enough time before she wakes up” , Sam snapped at them. He was ready to get his dubious plan into action. The time was almost 9PM and they wanted to get it over with.
Victor and Mike quickly got into position as they had planned earlier whiles Sam began to undress Vicky slowly. They had taken her into the bedroom where the action was to take place. The other two , were already half naked whiles Sam was on the bed  entirely naked as well with Vicky fully unclothed now. They had worn face masks because they did not want to be implicated in the crime they were about to commit.
Sam was aroused by her naked body as he stared at them with lustful eyes. He began to caress her soft plump breast which looked attractive and pointed. He was already hard and so were the guys.
He opened her legs wide and was ready to penetrate when there was a sudden movement from Vicky. The drugs were wearing off slowly. She tried to speak, but couldn’t utter a word, she was now conscious of what was going on around her but had lost her will power. She could neither struggle nor shout for help.
She laid there helplessly.
”Sam, hurry up, the drug is wearing off already” Mike said, he was already restless and couldn’t wait to get his share of the gorgeous damsel they were about to ravage.
Sam continued from where he had stopped. He opened her legs once again, this time wider and penetrated her. He thrust back and forth enjoying every bit of the moment. Vicky laid there helplessly, no one would come to her rescue. The camera was on record and the entire action was being videotaped.
URRHH URRHH URRHH URRRHH, Sam kept thrusting harder and finally stopped when he was fully satisfied. He kissed her on the forehead and whispered softly to her ”you are very sweet baby” before he left the bed and collected the camera from Victor.
”Go on guys” , feast” Both guys jumped onto the bed with their face mask on to keep their identity hidden. They caressed her, sucked her breast and did the unimaginable to her. Both took their turns to have their way with her. When it was finally over, they left her naked on the bed , helpless and disfigured.
They watched the video over and over and mocked each other of how ridiculous they looked in the video. ”
”What are we going to do with her”, Victor asked, looking in the direction of Vicky on the bed.
”Let the drugs wear off fully and when she finally is awake”, Sam replied. we will break the good news to her.
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