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It was the first day of resumption so we did not much work. I met new friends, Tomiwa also called Tom and Ajayi, popularly known as AJ.. While I was talking and gisting with them, I noticed Sam and two other guys at the corner of the class looking at us and laughing.Few minutes later, Sam stood up and came to me.
“Phemloid, free advise, don’t mingle with Tom and Ajay, don’t even try making them your friends else, you will see hell in this class”, he bellowed. I was shocked and confused, I looked at Ajay and Tom and saw disappointment written on their faces.
“Sam, I think I am old enough to make my choice and decision. So, you don’t have to tell me who to move with and next time, learn how to be polite” I fired back.
One could notice his shocked face, everybody was surprised at my reply, not excluding my coward new friends. Only Hannah smiled at me. Sam left the class angrily with Ned and Ayo, his friends. As soon as they left, Ajay and Tom came to me and pleaded with me to apologize to Sam.
Episode two: Hannah ans I
  ‘Are you guys mad or what? 
What wrong have I done? 
Don’t I have my freedom of speech again?’. I was lost, I told them even if he were the president’s son, I won’t apologize because I did nothing wrong. Not just them, everyone in the class had a look of “please beg him”. I wanted to talk but Hannah’s voice stopped me.
“Why should he beg him, he has done nothing wrong, if all of us are afraid of him, that doesn’t mean he should be. Moreso, he’s new here and knows nothing” she clarified.
She was still speaking when Sam stormed in, he came in with the intention to slap her, I caught his hand in mid air and fling it off. He looked at me sternly, he snapped his fingers at me and left again. What is this guy up to, I wondered.
I looked at my friends and for the first time, they smiled. I nodded and told myself ”What have i gottten into”. I hate it when one tries to assault a girl. I turn to Anthony Joshua and Hulk Hogan combined together instantly to defend such girl. I would have beaten the hell out of him if not that I was new to the svhool.
The day went on and after school closed, I went out of the class with my bag in readiness to go home. I decided to trek home. It would take 20-25 minutes. When I got to the school gate, I heard someone call my name. I knew the voice to be Hannah’s. I waited for her and we were walking home together when she told me Samuel is the son of one Honorable and a rumored cultist. 
Yee! At the mention of cultist, my heart ran a million miles.
“What! I’m doomed!” I interjected.
Hannah told me not to worry that it’s just a rumour. I acted as if I was all right but deep down, I was damed scared. I am too young to die, i thought.
I got to know Hannah’s house was just a stone throw away from mine. I was happy, I want to see her beautiful face every day and now the door is wide open. But Susan…….
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