[EPISODE TWO]: Sex-tape escapades


Slowly, he slid his hands beneath her short skirts and caressed her soft tights to entice her the more. Still holding onto her lips and not wanting her to break free from his kiss, he caressed her the more, this time moving his hands closely to her underwear. She became alert and quickly pushed his hands from her tights.

“stop, I said i’m not ready”
She adjusted herself and moved backed a bit from him ,so he could see she was serious.
He became furious , he stood up in anger, ” what sef!, he said , we’ve been dating for months now and you wont let me go further than kissing”

“Ple plesase calm down, she murmured, people will hear you ”
She stood up in a bid to soothe him into not getting angry when suddenly, she felt dizzy , she lost her steps and almost fell when he got hold of her and asked her if she was alright.
” I don’t know , i’m a bit dizzy ” she replied .
She was already loosing control of her senses, her vision was blurry. She saw an evil smirk on his face before she finally passed out. campus love stories
Sextape escapades

He called her name , “Vicky” “Vicky” in an attempt to make sure she was fully out. He adjusted her comfortably on the sofa whiles admiring her beauty.
“I didn’t have to go this far, he whispered. You pushed me to. ”

Just then, a knock was heard from the door. He opened it, it was his friends.
“Right timing guys” ,he said, opening the door for them.

Sam had texted them earlier in the kitchen when he went to get the drink. He had laced some drugs into her drink so she’d pass out. He had planned the entire thing.

“enter quickly” he said , we don’t want the neighbors peeping through. He immediately closed the door behind them.
They walked to where she laid and stood beside the sofa admiring her as she laid there helplessly.

“Sam , are you sure you really want to do this ” Victor, the shorter of the three friends asked . He’s been having a mixed feeling about the entire plan when Sam told them.
The three friends, Sam, Victor and Mike had always stuck together and held their friendship in high esteem.

“We aren’t doing anything wrong man” Sam said , patting Victor on the shoulder. “after all , she’s my girlfriend”
What are we waiting for , Mike interrupted them , lets get this over with.

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