Fake Gold – A Short Drama campus love stories


The actions revolve around a young lady named Betty, who gets caught up in the inimical facades  pervading the century.
A moral icon, she heeds to the subtle taunts of her roommate and throws caution into the wind.
For her, here’s a new life and there’s no going back. She embraces ‘FAKE GOLD’ in exchange for pride and dignity.

Every facade is full of drama. With this, let the drama unfold!

Watch Drama below

Story written by Aluko Deborah J.B

Tags : varsity stories

The author


  1. Nice one Deborah, I watched to the end. Really, we sometimes forget that God is the real gold and material things are ephemeral. Sure, He is not a God that wants His children to suffer or starve,He promises us great riches, we need to be patient during times when it seems like even the ungodly are the ones prospering because the Bible says their end is terrible. It is God that helps us to make wealth, not through deceitful means. May God help us to be full of conviction like Daniel as we journey through the University.

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