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“How i got admitted into UI after getting F9 parallel in my 2011 WAEC” Boy shares success story.

I hv a brief story to share with us here….
I left high school in 2011, i had the mindset of passing Waec and make it to the University of Ibadan the following year, Immediately after Valedictory service, I started teaching with Ordinary Testimonial in a Nursery Sch not too far from my settlement. It was around August when results were released,
Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t believe what my eyes was seeing, It was F9 parallel 😢 😢 😢, 6 years in secondary school wasted like that, I never expected this, i was best student in English, commerce and Accounting during my secondary school days. 
The day i checked that result was my saddest day on earth, one thing is that, they had always been telling us that don’t expect to make results once here,
Senior Prefect had F9s and many other colleagues, Infact waec2011 was generally poor, Although the smart ones outer there survived. 
I couldn’t feel Joy for days because even my parents were begging me to eat after the loss😭😭.
After some weeks, I said to myself that it’s not over yet even though i never recovered from the adversity. 
2012 GCE came, attempted it after much preparations, Results came out and it wasnt fascinating… Eng C4 Econs C4 Govt A1 But Maths spoilt it with D7😢… I was relieved but unhappy,
In 2013, financial effluences didn’t permit me to sit for any exam because my sibling was on the track 
I sat for Neco Gce 2014, It was still the same story still😭😭😭
Maths was D7 again, Eng n other subjects were very good
In the same 2014, i determined to make some money so that i would be able to obtain like 2 exams( 2015 Waec GCE and Neco Gce) that was when i found myself at Sumal Foods Ltd,(Yale 4) because my parent were battling with financial issues(Debt) in 2011(not going there today) when i needed them most but i couldn’t be sleeping and be expecting magic, it wasnt a work but laboring 😪very tough work but they paid #725/day then, i was making money but brain was depreciating 😪😪
I wrote the 2 exams but i realised i had exchanged my values for money because i had a poorer results. 
Towards the end of 2015, i was accustomed to standing 12hrs packing biscuits in hot room, i later became the table leader🙊 being the best Parker of Chef Coaster on line 2😭(those who know about SUMAL will understand) 
2016 came.. I had got more than 50k savings,
I obtained another Olevel in 2016 and Jamb2016 and quit the work since there was no off/rest for the workers. I had to spend most of days learning Mathematics because that was the only Obstacle in the race.
I spent the balance of the money on tutorial n textbooks stuff just to blast maths and UTME concurrently.
After strong determination, i wrote the paper and was in a very confident state. After the exams, I told myself, Its time!
I didn’t know a shortcut or who to link me with a Miracle center.
The result came out and it was agreeable💪💪
EngB2, Maths B3, Govt A1, other grades are sweet too
… Something strange occurred in UTME2016, i registered late and that made them to throw me to a centre in Iseyin, my exam was schedule at the first day, we started exam around 7pm, yet the server was bad, system was just going off n on. 30mins after exam, i received my score as text msg, it was 242, but this appeared to be 170 on the portal, it wasn’t funny at all, two different score fr a single jambite 🤨. After some days, Jamb awarded extra 40marks for us that were affected, that made my score 210, 
I was happy that University of Ibadan requires just 200 to sit for their post utme, gbam, post utme was scrapped, they used aggregate, POS was 61.95 i remembered i was like 3 points below
2017 – I was working alongside reading(conducive typ though) Jamb score – 220,
(Eng Maths Economics and Govt) was my combo fr POS then, no calculator for someone like me who doesn’t like Mathematics 
My mum had told me to change course to less competitive one, i changed to one educational course then but when it was a week to post utme i changed back to Political Science, the course is a fine type but that wasn’t passionate,
I hv passion for teaching and that’s one of the reasons i took my time brainstorming most times on the group. Nevertheless, Politics is my traits, and I believed i would become a Senator someday✌️ 
Post Utme day ehh, i attempted maths last, i wish you could see how i was sweating under AC, at a point, i heard 20mins more, i had just attempted 2 of 25 maths questions, that was when i knew problem would be while my contenders from Arts were just shading without wasting time, There questions were like who was the wife of Abraham? Meanwhile I was solving equations 😕
Result came out, it was 60
Agg – 57.5, cut off was 64 then 😭😭😭, I beat the course cut off but i wasn’t really sad because it’s another’s person discipline. Those who were better than me made it. 
I told my parents i failed but my dad responded that always remember “when it’s your time, dead clock will work for you”
2018 – I went ahead to substitute Commerce for maths(Combo Wise) since a social science subject can be used in place of Maths for the commercials.
after getting 231 in UTME, i noted that 70 was needed in post utme in order to beat POS Cut Off
Unfortunately for Olumide, when it was 2weeks to Post Utme exam, My mum was so sick 🤮 that she couldn’t talk for days, this was a critical condition purging n vomiting at the same time that i had never experienced in my life(I told TönyLïām and one person like that then) I was the one that could withstand staying with mum at Zenith hospital at Oluyole, my siblings were crying😢 when mum couldn’t open eyes, at that time i wasn’t thinking about post utme again but how my mum would survive. 
Eventually, on post utme day, my mum was still at the hospital and I sat for the exam..
U know what, I had 46😭😭 8years gone but mum regained her health (Alihamdulilah✌️) 
Some ppl would ask about exams/admission but i used to tell diff ppl diff stories to avoid more depression
That same 2018 was when one of my students i taught in the Private sch where i worked in 2011 was admitted to same UI have been trying for 3times, Just imagine 😱
In 2019 – after reading like a mad man, i went for the exam which I knew in my mind that i had netted 300+ that time, weeks after, jamb refused to release results, results was later released after a month,
Jamb sent me a msg that my result was withheld for further clarification that i need to upload birth certificate n some documents😭😭😭
On my mind, i was like why always me, do village ppl really exist? I thought
After uploading, Jamb later released the result when my BP had rised. It was below my expectation, it was 263,
I knew something greater awaits, I didnt gave up on myself, I was making good good things in life, this admission was only the stagnation. 
I was determined to shake UI’s table. My parents who are Die-hard Believers never stop praying for me. 
Post UTME was around and Determination was at Optimum level, knowing it was my fourth and I wanted it to be my last. 
After the exam, I was calm,I was just awaiting outcome without bragging.
Result popped up and it was 74, i was fuckin happy 😊 
Cut off for Political Science was 64
I beat the cut off with meaningful margin. (Halleluyah) 
I’m here to tell you that,  I overcome this challenges.
I hadn’t been lucky in the past but Grace found me
My reasons for writing this is strictly for those that hv failed to meet up in any case, be it financial, relationship or educational matters due to one issue or the other. never lose your belief,
I know how it feels.
Never compare yourself with others,
factors affecting you is different from theirs 
Never think maybe you are behind your peer,
Anybody can make it remember some of our mates are at the graveyard.
keep striving,
it will pass and when you finally make it, you’d not regret not giving up.
Never think of making suicide decisions
Always believe in yourself
U can do it
It doesn’t matter who get there first 
keep working n praying 
Be strong and cheerful 
Definitely you’d get there
Within you is the power to do anything, with confidence, determination and inspiration you unlock the impossibilities
Don’t give up!!!
Politics is Oxygen ✌️ 

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