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If you are a JAMBite or you just wrote the just concluded JAMB exams (2019/2020) and wondering how to log into your JAMB CAPS, then this article is for you. Just make sure to follow the steps and read thoroughly.

This article answers the following questions
  • How do I log into JAMB CAPS
  • What does it mean when my JAMB CAPS says ”NOT ADMITTED’
  • What is the meaning of ”Admission in progress in JAMB CAPS”
  • How to check my admission status on JAMB CAPS


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), in a bid to promote transparency in the admission process, has introduced the JAMB CAPS, which stands for Central Admissions Processing System. The CAPS is where JAMB processes all admissions of candidates. Candidates are however given the choice to either Accept or Reject Admission offered. When a candidate Rejects admissions, he/she is put in the market place and details sent to institutions that need such a candidate.


Checking your JAMB Admission status on JAMB CAPS is very easy.  first, Visit, Input your username and password then proceed to JAMB CAPS. Now, let e give you a more detailed explanation.



1. Go to the JAMB CAPS portal and Login. Click here or follow the url @

2. Log in with your JAMB profile username and password.

3. Next, Go to Admission status

4. Input your year and JAMB Registration number in the column provided.

5. Click on Access my CAPS

6. Then your Admission profile will pop up

7. Next, you will see your Admission status

7. You are required to either Accept or Reject Admission Status

8. Keep checking if it shows NOT ADMITTED

9. Go to your mobile desktop site(If you are using a mobile phone) if it says welcome.

Meaning of some terms in the JAMB CAPS
1. Not Admitted on your JAMB CAPS can mean these two things
  • (a) Your chosen institution has not sent the list of admitted candidates to JAMB. 
    (b) Your chosen institution might have sent the list but when uploading your O’level result, u might have skipped a data. At this point, it is important to re-upload


  •  If you have been offered admission to your chosen institution, the ACCEPT or REJECT button will be clickable. If not, you have to keep checking back.
  • If you have not been offered admission yet, you will see a notification of sorry, ‘No admission has been given yet”.
  • Candidates who have been offered admission and have accepted it on JAMB CAPS are required to print out their JAMB Admission letter.


Answers to Frequently encountered problems while logging in to JAMB CAPS

1. My JAMB CAPS is saying ”WELCOME” whenever I log in and I have refreshed the pages.

Answer: Go to the desktop version of the site. It will show your admission status tab.

Jamb CAPS desktop view

2. Please when I see ”sorry you have not been given admission yet” what does it mean?

Answer: It could mean admission is still in progress in your desired institution and you should wait a while.

3. My status is showing ‘Recommended, what does it mean?

Answer: This means that your chosen institution has not offered you admission yet. The institution u picked, however, may or may not offer you admission. If offered admission, you accept or reject. If you reject the admission, you will be put in the market place. Institutions who you meet their criteria will offer you admission and at the market place, you either accept or reject.

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