“Motivational speech no dey rise CGPA”-Tales of a uite

Motivational speech no dey rise CGPA

Motivational speech no deyy rise CGPA.

It was my second semester at the University of Ibadan. A verryyy dangerous semester to take crazy courses. I would be offering CHM 126 – Inorganic Chemistry to be lectured by Professor Woods. Trust me, that course no get head. My fellow CBNites know.

“Shebi na 3 unit course, I go pass am” I said to myself. The previous semester was easy on me. I aced all those 4 unit courses, even without consistent studying. I only open my books whenever God says “Oya oh, my son, goan read” for 30 minutes. I never knew what second semester had for me.

It was test week. Read till day break. Shi shi no enter my head. I shaa wrote the test with gusto and inshallah. Didn’t bother to wait for my coursemates to recite the options they chose.

Two weeks later, test results were out. My chemistry test score couldn’t afford one cracker biscuit. I then realized I needed God intervention and spoken motivational words. I attended several tutorial lessons, pre–examinationexercises just for Chemistry 126.

“Ben, you can score 57/60 in your exam. Last year, I had 19/40 in my CA and 58/60 in exam. I aced the course.”

“Ben, trust yourself. If I can do it, you can do better!”

Motivation from every angle.

I was fired and motivated. I read Chemistry 126(Inorganic Chemistry I) like my life depended on it. I even gave my life to Christ, maybe God will see me through as a Christian.

Exam came and I wished for the impossible. When I saw the questions, I placed my head on the table and slept. My dear, I know what you’re thinking. You can’t cheat in any Chemistry test/examination in University of Ibadan. I did my best and left the rest to God. After all, He’s the author and finisher of our faith.

Already, I had given up on the course after I saw my test result. Motivational speakers kept me fired and hungry for better result. Unfortunately, that day wasn’t the day. I just went home, ate bread and beans at ZIK hall cafeteria and reminded myself that Wole Soyinka graduated with third class.

Writer – Benedithy Hedithy

Petroleum Engineering student

-University of Ibadan

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