Poly Ibadan graduate seeks justice as her award was given to someone else during convocation campus love stories

A pained student of the Polytechnic Ibadan has took to social media to narrate how she was cheated by the school authorities and not award for her efforts on the 34th Convocation Ceremony which held on 14th of December, 2019 at the institution. She claimed that not everyone was aware of the convocation ceremony and just three names from her class was on the convocation list.  She also added that she had worked hard over the years and was cheated on an award that rightfully belongs to her.
She shared her part of the story on her social media handle on Facebook..

Her post reads

“Right now I am extremely pissed with The Polytechnic, Ibadan. This is not only a slap on my face, but extremely partial, and I need to find a way to question them because I know what I am meant to have!

So yesterday was the 34th Convocation, not only were most of us not sent messages to inform us of the convocation, just three names from my class were on the convocation list! What the hell is that?
As far as I am concerned, I paid my fees and printed my course form before convocation, and for proper documentation, every result was supposed to be ready in preparation for the awards!

My rant now is not about the three names on the list, but for the fact that, an award meant to be mine, which is well known by my colleagues and even lecturers was given to someone else. This is bad!

I have the right to blow my trumpet because I worked hard for this. And Polytechnic Ibadan robbed me of that. I won’t forgive them for this except they rectify it!

Urban and Regional Planning claims not to have ever produced a student with Distinction. I worked hard and made distinction in my ND1 with 4.56. I was the only student on this gp. ND2 came, and I still intensified my effort, but for lack of money, I couldn’t pay my fees on time, so I didn’t see my result, same as ND2 second semester.

Regardless of this, I know if I don’t end up with distinction, I will have the strongest upper credit in my class. And now I’m hearing Best female graduating student award was given to the only female among the three, someone who has Lower credit! And overall best student was given to a friend of mine with upper credit, even he himself told me he knows it was supposed to be given to me.

I am pained right now, and these people better have a good explanation for my result!

Throughout my schooling, I never for once cheated! Not even in tests! I studied hard to pass! They have no right to take away this little glory from me!

I have no power to fight them, but if this is not sorted, I will cry to God who surpasses all authorities. And because this is rightfully mine, He will fight for me!
From a pained student of Urban and Regional Planning 2017/2018 set.
Olabiyi Teniola Joy
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