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Pubic vs private universities in Nigeria

Public vs private universities

Nigeria has always been the giant of Africa due to its massive population and this has posed a huge problem for the country, since the current resources we have at our disposal won’t be able to help us to fully take care of the population in the country and for that. reason ,some areas of the Economy has been affected, especially the Education sector, millions of youths apply each year to get a slot on the limited lists of acceptance by universities, different tests and limits are being set to finally reduce the size of students to the little that they are capable of accepting, Due to this problem of inadequate universities, The private university was born, Apart from being able to admit large amount of students, it makes sure it shares so much difference than public university, In Nigeria private universities, they have more advantages than public universities and are much faster and efficient than public universities

A private university is more advantageous than a public university, Every university has a worker group, these groups are formed to make sure that the wellbeing of each member in the university is being catered for and can be improved as well, but sometimes, lack of funds to these groups could pose serious threats and could result into strikes, Strikes do occur most times in public universities and it can last for weeks to months, The university structure is mostly made of these workers and we know that since they are on strike, they would have no reason to come to work and this will cause an immediate delay in the school activities, In a private university, there is nothing like strike, even if there was, it will be extremely rare and it can be due to issues relating to an incident or even about the school’s management and infrastructures, the reason is that private universities are not dependent on the government ,and for that reason the provision of such facilities to help the school has been provided through the funds you have to pay to be admitted.

Private universities have the top notch of having an insight into the future, a public university has all the infrastructure and facilities it needs, but as time goes on, some of this infrastructures and facilities would have been worn down overtime causing problem for future students who might later want to make use of the facilities, but it brings up the main question, why can’t the school just repair the facilities and keep them running? Though it could be possible to do ,but the funds for such are not available and such university will have to depend on the Government for such help, but it is so sad to know that this help might not come immediately, knowing the fact that ,the university is just one university out of countless others that needs such attention, that is why there is always a slow pace of facilities upgrade in public university, But for their counterparts, private universities has the required funds to do such and they can ensure that the facilities and infrastructures are not tampered with by the students, they do make sure that adequate maintenance is being carried out at the expense of the tuition fees of the students, after all, they are private and that’s one of the foremost reason why people approach them for admission

Public universities were a little bit free than they are today, today we have a lot of them and the chances of getting accepted into them is becoming thinner every year, The Education sector has set up measures to make sure that it is not over run and it can continue to do so at a very good rate, to keep this measures in place, numerous exams are being made to make sure that students being accepted are at the minimum range, For a student, after passing you WAEC, you will need your JAMB, After JAMB, then you will write the POST UTME of the school you chose and finally you will have to pass the cut off mark for your course before you can be chosen, but in private universities, things are much easier than they sound, in private universities, it is much more easy, After passing your WAEC, you write jamb and you will be accepted provided you pass some of the cutoff for jamb, in fact some private universities wont calculate your JAMB, and some will only require you to write a little test or maybe just oral interview and you will be accepted, this is a great advantage to private universities.


There is mostly the presence of poor facilities and infrastructures in public universities that have pose great threat to the conduciveness of the school environment, but we know the fact that students must pay tuition, so why can’t we use the tuition to repair and correct any stuff and this is because the tuition fee, that a public university charges is far lesser than any private university and it remains the fact that, the other fees not listed are being payed by the president ,and due to this, a lot of burden has been removed from the students but in the case of private universities, it is not that easy, the school cannot easily lift off the budget due to no external support from the government, the school funds and manage itself and for this reason the tuition fee is so high, An increase in the tuition is to be expected because the university board manages the tuition fee according to how things go, less student, high tuition fee, more facilities, and vice versa, so that’s why people consider going to public universities

I know with all the points listed above, you should be able to know how to pick your choice in regards to choosing private and public universities and making sure the choice is worthwhile, so it depends on which one you wish to choose, All the points listed above has been carefully researched and it is guaranteed to help in your selection process, so which one would you like to pick? And what’s the reason for your choice? comment below!


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