RELATIONSHIP: Does Unconditional Love Truly Exist? campus love stories

Ayeka Bright 

  There’s a saying that, If he loves you, he’ll do this for you, he’ll do that for you and this has made some people, especially females, make wrong decisions in relationship. They force their partner to align with them which is against their free will,  forgetting that relationship is basically understanding each other which is set on the pillar of free will.

 What I want my readers to know is, unconditional love doesn’t exist right from the onset and can’t exist now. Before your relationship can bear a nice fruit, forget unconditional love and make yourself good to one another.

 Unconditional love means to be in love no matter the condition/crisis but why do parent forbid their children from getting married to some tribes, if truly love is unconditional?

  I read a post recently where an undergraduate girl said, she’s doubting her love for her guy because he doesn’t provide for her ‘campus needs’ and she knows the guy’s business isn’t going on well for now. A girl who still has agile parents saying that. If truly love is unconditional, will she be doubting her love because of material needs?

 Forget love for money, everyone are in love based on certain criteria. If those criteria aren’t met, love won’t set in.

 For you to be in love with the opposite sex, he/she must have met your standards which are known as conditions. The specs you need in the opposite sex before you are in love is typically the conditions. If not, guys would get married to mad women and the females will never feel insecure, even if their man is cheating back to back.

 Lastly, females should stop saying ‘if truly you love me, you’ll allow me to do this, do that’. Relationship is based on mutual agreement and not to force your partner to succumb by force, all because that’s the only way he can prove love to you. Sit him down and tell him the reason he need to go with your opinion and if he’s not ready to, since it’s your relationship, do what suites you.

 Major conditions for love to exist and keep existing are; trust, sincerity, care,  responsibilities. If one day it is absent, problem set in and love might varnish.


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