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She has tasted a lot of things, even semen
She drinks Schnapps, Her brand is “Sea man”
She is rough, but she is careful with her hymen
She uses her beauty like a rope just to tie men.

Every part of her body has been explored
But she guards jealously, her thin tissue of blood
She can allow you every part of her to enjoy
But her hymen, no one has been able to destroy.

She kisses so well, you will think she is French
Though she is a virgin, her sexual life has a stench
With her bare hands, she takes a hold of the penis
She does wonders, when she goes on her knees.

You call it blow job, she calls it licking her Lollipop
She takes her time on the job, no hurry-stop
She engages full time in foreplay
Ever willing, for any kind of display.

She goes as far, as getting herself fully unclad
Her body is available, enjoy it like a fruit salad
She satisfies her men, without penetration
Is she still a virgin? that’s the big question.

Though she is not pure, she still has her hymen
Though she’s a virgin, she has dated over 9 men
To each of them, she freely gives her body
She pulls everything off, even her undies.

But no man has ever gone in between her legs
You can pin her on the ground, like a tent peg
But no matter what you do, don’t touch her vulva
Her virginity is more important to her than silver.
Her breast you can freely suck
But her legs are securely locked
Her butt you can fully rock
But her vagina is heavily blocked.

She is a virgin, but she is far from pure
She still has her hymen, of this I am sure
But her soul has totally lost sexual innocence
Virginity without purity shows no inner sense


Written By Sidney Ahura

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