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He is sixty two, while you are twenty two
The age gap between you, is twenty times two
He is Older than your father by twelve years,
But he drinks from your passion like a bottle of beer

You feel free to rock him without an iota of fear
Your conscience is so polluted, numb & seared
Even his wife, is afraid to touch his beard
But you practise weaving with his pubic hair

He saw you grow up, wearing napkins & diapers
And over you, he has the nerve to go crazy & hyper
He is the chairman of the brood of vipers
In taking young girls down, he’s the best of snipers.

You are so strong, how do you carry his weight?
This is a man who weighs one hundred and eight
Yet you are so slim, you weigh only forty eight.

But in bed, you are a heavy weight champion
Your friends advised, but you rejected there opinion
You tell them, the old men are the best catch
Because they lavish you with the best cash.

His big potbelly, you have nicknamed calabash
This is the life you’re living in university of Calabar.

The life you have chosen will end you in vanity
Dating a man older than your father spells insanity
You dad sent you to school to go and study
But you are going around selling your body.

You look the old fool in the face and call him Sugar
You give him your body lavishly, you’re not even frugal
For the money, you allow him pierce you with his carrot
You are living the life of a prostitute and a harlot.

You have thrown away your feminine dignity
For the money, you have traded your sanctity.

You will soon realize this sugar daddy business
Is one of the lowest levels of sexual looseness
It’s sad, you are trading away your youthfulness
Servicing old men sexually, reduces your usefulness.


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