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UI Post-UTME exams – Everything you need to know+ Free Past Question download

In this article, we have answered some worrying questions on the minds of Aspiriants of the University of Ibadan.
  • What is the University of Ibadan cut-off mark?
  • What Subjects are taken in the University of Ibadan Post UTME exams?
  • What should I expect in UI Post-UTME
  • How to Calculate UI Post-UTME aggregate score
  • How to check your Post-UTME results.
  • UI Post-UTME Practice Questions, Free Download

The University of Ibadan is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Nigeria and even Africa at large, and at such, the institution makes sure to admit only the best candidates in the country.  The University was established in 1948 and, it is one of the oldest universities in the country.

Yearly, thousands of candidates apply for the institution, but only the best is chosen after passing their Post-UTME screening exams. The University of Ibadan mode of screening was formally oral screening but is now paper-based test. It is one of the most chosen institutions in the country and not easy to gain admission into. One would need to read and study very hard to make it. Most times, candidates who have written the institution’s exams before end up gaining admission on their next try. This is to say, experience and a feel of what the questions look like is also a factor why people gain admission. Regardless, some candidates also write the exams at their first try and end up passing.
The University of Ibadan cut-off mark to be eligible to take part in their Post-UTME screening exams is 200. Only candidates who choose them as FIRST CHOICE in their JAMB and score a minimum of 200 are eligible to take part in their exams. UI will never compromise and reduce their cut-off mark.
However, candidates must learn extra hard if they are going for competitive courses in UI.
As state earlier, the University of Ibadan Post-UTME is paper-based test. The subjects you will be tested on will be the subjects you took in your JAMB exams. For instance, if you took Economics, Use of English, Government, and Mathematics, that will be the subjects you will be tested on in the Post-UTME Screening exams. You will be asked 25 questions in each subject, making a total of 100 questions which is allocated 1hr 30mins. The exams need speeds and as such you have to be well prepared.
The University of Ibadan 2020 Post-UTME form is out, Click to see how to apply and the closing date.
The University of Ibadan Post-UTME is the major factor for successfully gaining admission into the institution. The exams is over 100 and the minimum score you should score is 50%. Candidates who score below the minimum (50%) will no longer be eligible.
    In 2016, no Post-UTME screening exams was written as the Federal Governement cautioned universities not to conduct Post-UTME and the University of Ibadan made use of candidated O’level results and JAMB score.
WAEC/NECO: A1(6), B2(5), B3(4), C4(3), C5(2), C6(1).
For the five relevant subjects the scores are added together to get X
Score = (X/30) x 50 = O’level points (50)
· JAMB/UTME: Jamb scores / 8 = Jamb points (50)
Add O’ level + Jamb points = Total (100)
After accumulation of results, a cut-off mark for each course is then released by the institution.
This is no longer the case as recently, the University of Ibadan makes sure every student goes through screening.
UTME =50%
Post UTME = 50%
For UTME/JAMB Score:
Divide your JAMB/UTME Score By 8
For Post UTME Score:
Divide your post UTME Score by 2
For Example:
UI Candididate’s AGGREGATE Score!
Your score in the post-UTME Screening is:  70
Your JAMB score is:  250
Your AGGREGATE score is: (JAMB score/8) + (post-UTME score) / 2 = (250 / 8)+(70) / 2   =   66.25
Sometimes, the use of only Post-UTME score is used in determining cut-off mark by the instituion.
The POST-UTME score is available on the school’s website. Follow the steps
  • Go to UI admission portal @
  • Log in to the portal using your Jamb Registration Number as USERNAME and Surname as PASSWORD.
Every year. the University of Ibadan uploads Post-UTME past questions on their website for free so that candidates can practice. The past questions are not for sale so do not pay anyone to get the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN PRACTICE  QUESTIONS FOR POST-UTME. The Practice questions gives you an idea of how the questions are being set. Questions are likely to be repeated, so study them well,
The Past Questions have been compiled by Varsity Gists in PDF format and you can download for free just by clicking on the subject.
  • Make sure to keep checking the Admissions portal of the University of Ibadan for Updates .
  • The documents to present on the day of the exams will be updated on the website.
  • Make sure to fil in your Bio-data correctly and keep a printout.
  • Arrive at your exams venue on time as you may be exempted from writing the exams if you are late.
  • The exams is paper-based, so make sure to have your pencils (more than one) and erasers in check.
  • Do not indulge in Examination malpractice.
  • The Exams is mostly written on a Friday and Saturday.
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